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9 RC Slovan - Havirov 55


9 RC Slovan - Havirov 55


It was the last game of the season at home.

 Applying our new strategy to let players who're training the most to start the match, it was good opportunity for them to get more experience, and to enjoy finally a full game. As well, they proove that they have skills and the right level to handle this kind of match. To remind, Havirov came here in a second position, and went to Bratislava deservedly, to win and to get the bonus point.


Unfortunately, the squad was composed of only 18 players (4 from Trnava, dakujme). But this 18 players were the most motivated and with a good spirit (also, the end of the season shows few injured players are missing). As well, the backline has changed, to try new position, learn new skills, and to propose a fast paced game. Indeed, we know forward from Havirov were heavier and stronger than us, so we decided to play mainly with backs, succesfully. As well, this time, we didn't refuse easy 3 points for rewarding the moments of dominiation.

Every players went to the fight, not complaining, only focus on defending, cleaning, and attacking when it was possible. The bad point was our line out, which was not efficient at all. We lost so many throws, but with some new lifts at the position.


Let's do it again Mariánské Hory



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