Rugby Tours

Rugby Club Slovan Bratislava is the club in capital of Slovakia that regularly plays 15s games, with a playing level that roughly translates to grade 8 in the UK. The Club participates in the Czech 1.league and has most of the players who represent the Slovak national side.

While this is good for the Club it is a clear sign that rugby in Slovakia needs support to grow beyond a one regular club system. Slovan Bratislava is committed to this growth path however due to lack of government funding and low sponsorship support we depend on fund raising from tours to support the payment of field costs (for training and games), ambulance services, referees, travel and training equipment.

Therefore please understand there is a need to request Euro 350-500 for each touring side in order to cover such expenses for game days. We also offer food and drinks for an additional charge, please advise us if you would like this offered on game day.

When touring please ensure that the following points are covered off with the Club's representatives before heading across;

  • Location of field
  • Kick-off time and meeting point before game
  • Any assistance you might need on arrival
  • After match venue recommendations

We look forward to hosting your side on a tour.

Contact: Martin Majovský