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Prípravný turnaj slovenskej reprezentácie v rugby 7s

4.5.2014 11/05/2014

Prípravný turnaj slovenskej reprezentácie v rugby 7s


In Cunovo, there was a preparation tournament for the rugby 7s national team.

We had 3 slovak teams, included players from Bratislava, Zilina, Trnava, Kosice, and Czech Republic.

A team from Graz had the pleasure to participate to this event.


During the parties, we had a heavy rain, then making the game funnier for people who were willing to tackle hard, getting our heads on the wet grass, to be finnaly cover with land all over our face and body. It was a good atmosphere for each player, some taking this event more seriously to be part of the national team. Others wanted just to increase their playing time.




A Cunovo, nous avons eu une préparation de rugby à 7 pour l'équipe national. 


Il y avait 3 équipes slovaque, incluant des joueurs de Bratislava, Zilina, Trnava, Kosice and la République Tchèque.

Une équipe de Graz est venue participé à cet évènement.


Aussi, il y avait beaucoup de pluie deurant le journée, ce qui a rendu le jeu assez amusant.



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