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Ricany Turnaj women


Ricany Turnaj women

 For this tournament in Ricany, Dano couldn't come because he was involved with the rugby 7s national team, training camp in Zilina.

Then, at the last moment, Slovan was asking me (Charlie) to follow them, and support them during and off the tournament.

We came at two cars, included 9 girls + the substitute coach. Easy way to get Ricany, in direction of Praha.
An early meeting at 05h45 to get the first Ricany without stress, or almost.

When we started, it was complicated to get a place for the warm up. The field was too small to train inside the try zone, and the handyman kicked us away, from the main field, and even from a synthetic filed (no sense).

For the first time, Slovan won two matches (on 3), thanks to a entertained matches including off load, quick passes, good defense, and good mind.
Unfortunately, the match that we lost against Havirov, was a matter a endurance and fresh mind.

All girls were fighting with heart and willing to run forward at each action. Good spirit from other side (players and coaches).

On the way back, it was obvious each of us gave the maximum. We were exhausted and so happy.
We could be glad to get help from Italian girl, doing a voluntary action in Zilina, which we catched up in railway station. Thanks to her, Slovan saved few actions from opponents, because she everytime has fresh and quick legs to tackle fast players.


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